What's In the Course

  • Basic Fitness Concepts

    We talk about some of the essential building blocks in getting fit.

  • Food List

    Ever wonder what foods are good to eat? We've got that covered.

  • Guided Workouts

    5 days worth of short workouts you can do at home to jump start your journey.

A Little About Me

I used to weigh less than 120 pounds. Insecure. Lacking confidence, and desperately wanting a change. I didn't know where to start and I made every mistake possible. I finally figured it out, fell in love with fitness and knew there had to be other people out there with my same struggle. So that's how I came to be here. I don't believe in a lot of hype, fad diets, or nonsense. I deliver what you need to pack on the muscle with none of the games.
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A Little About Me


  • 1
    The Starters Guide to Getting Buff
    • Introduction
    • Getting On Track With Nutrition
    • Foods to Eat
    • The Essentials to Lifting
    • 3 Lifting Techniques You Need To Know
    • Building Mental Strength
    • Top 10 Things To Start Now
    • Workout - Day 1
    • Workout - Day 2
    • Workout - Day 3
    • Workout - Day 4
    • Workout - Day 5
    • Common Questions
    • Resources
    • Legal Stuff